Using Bloke Coffee Body Scrub, Organic Body Scrub
Using Bloke Coffee Body Scrub, Organic Body Scrub

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Coffee Body Scrub: courtesy of Bloke 

Today, I am excited to share my new favorite body scrub, Bloke. I've been using Bloke Coffee Body Scrub for almost two months now and the results have been amazing! Bloke is made up of all organic ingredients. Each bag contains a mixture of ground arabica coffee, cold pressed coconut oil, sea salt, raw brown sugar and sweet orange oil. When using Bloke Coffee Body Scrub on a regular basis, you'll see a reduced appearance of acne, eczema, stretch marks, cellulite and psoriasis! The sea salt helps clean clogged pores while the coconut oil has an anti-bacterial property which helps to prevent and treat acne and blemishes. Coconut oil also has an anti-inflammatory property that helps with eczema and psoriasis as well as preventing stretch marks from happening. If you have existing stretch marks, the scrub is amazing at reducing their appearance as the scrub will remove dead skin cells while the coconut oil will moisturize and replenish new skin cells, thus fading their appearance. 

I struggle with occasional break outs and in the winter, I get really bad eczema in between my fingers. Since I started to use Bloke, my breakouts are far and few in between and my eczema has since calmed down. My skin feels incredibly hydrated and extremely smooth. My makeup also goes on so much better and my face just glows. I also have to mention that I have very sensitive skin and since Bloke is made up of all organic ingredients, I had no issues what so ever.  Bloke is hands down the best exfoliate I have tried yet. The results are amazing and even after the first use, you'll notice a change! So say goodbye to dry skin and imperfections and order a bag of Bloke Coffee Body Scrub! I promise you won't be disappointed! It also smells wonderful! 

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Have a great weekend, loves!!

xo, Erica



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