Winter White With Some Holiday Flare

Fur vest: Jack via Nordstrom | Sweater: LOFT | Pants: H&M (old) but loving these and these | Heels: Zigi Soho via DSW | Necklace: Benevolent Jewels c/o | Clutch: Hello Fab 

Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Wow has it gotten cold! It was quite the struggle this weekend taking pictures, it was freezing and the wind was almost unbearable! Lots of hair whipping going back and forth! 

For today's outfit I chose this season's hottest color trend - winter whites. Winter white is so classy and simple to pull together with anything. purchased these jeans back in the spring and instantly knew I would get more than one season out of them! A faux fur vest did the trick to give me my wintry look. To give my outfit a little holiday glare, I paired my white jeans with a red sweater and added this gorgeous emerald gemstone necklace from Benevolent jewels for a complete holiday flair.    

I am so excited to introduce to you an amazing Jewelry Company, Benevolent Jewels! They are an online store that seeks to spread awareness about the importance of helping others. Every three months they will donate 20% of their profits to a great cause. From now until February 21, 2014, they will be donating to +Works which is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide positive change by bringing families and schools together to help with the issues of adult and student bullying. +Works strives to spread awareness of the issues of bullying by using innovative approaches that cause adults and children to tackle the cycle before bullying begins and while it occurs.

 My blog is primarily about fashion, but when I read about the wonderful causes that Benevolent Jewels promotes with their jewelry,  I knew this was a company that I would love to talk about in my blog as I share a passion for a lot of their causes. Their latest cause for bullying hits close to home for me. I am going to get a bit personal here, which is sometimes hard for me to do, but I feel so passionate about this cause that I wanted to share a little of my story. I, too experienced firsthand just how cruel bullying can be. All through out my middle school years I was harassed and humiliated on a daily basis about my weight. I am naturally thin but I got constantly teased about being anorexic that I would go home crying every single day. I even had the word anorexic written on my locker at school. Girls would make fun of my outfits or purses or shoes. My mom would tell me that these girls were just jealous because I was pretty and had nice things, but I couldn't see it. These girls were pretty and popular. What could I possibly have that they would want? Every night before school I would stare into the mirror for hours picking out every piece of my body that I thought was wrong. I would cry every night praying that the teasing and bullying would go away. What I experienced as a young teenager definitely helped me form into the person I am today. I have learned to except who I am and what God has blessed me with. I also learned that people who do bully really have some deep issues that they themselves are dealing with, but take it out on other people to take away their own pain. I learned to become strong and not focus on what people thought about me but rather focus on what makes me feel good. I learned to love who I am as I learned more about myself after being bullied. As a mother of two young kids, I know that one day they will experience some level of bullying themselves. It is my job as a parent while they are still young to mold them into nurturing human beings and teach them how to respect others. But most important, to teach them to have self confidence and to believe in themselves and know they have self worth. It is also important to share my story because I know so many young girls can relate. Let's spread the word through fashion to encourage everyone to give respect to others because you don't know the lasting effects it could have on someone. 

Thank you so much for taking the time out today to read my story!

I hope you all have great day!!

xx Erica 

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  1. I love the zippers and the fabric of your jeans.



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