When Fashion Meets Philanthropy

I was recently introduced to Angela & Roi, an online handbag brand that combines fashion and philanthropy by color. With each sale they will donate five dollars to a non-profit health organization that corresponds with the color handbag you choose, such as pink for breast cancer awareness.  An Angela & Roi signature ribbon hangs from the bag to also help increase awareness for the specific cause. All bags are made from the highest quality vegan leather, thus not harming any animals. The company was founded by Angela and Roi and named after the couple because they feel that their relationship is the most important part of their lives. The company prides itself on strong moral principals and they focus on customer satisfaction, not profit margins. Angela and Roi give back to the community by sharing support for 11 non-profit organizations to bring awareness for prevalent health issues, from lung cancer to diabetes.

What better way than to show your support for a specific health issue by giving back with the purchase of a great bag that will give you your own sense of humanitarianism.

For a limited time period, Angela and Roi are offering Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping on all items.

Visit their website  and follow them along on Instagram and Facebook

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